Our Promise

We are dedicated to empowering women through our ethical practices and premium materials, redefining confidence and style in the world of swimwear.

Every unworn and returned bikini finds a new life with us. Old bikinis can be exchanged for a 5% discount on our website and upcycled into something new, effectively diverting waste from landfills and contributing to a sustainable future. Please contact us for our address!


About Us

Motivating and inspiring bikinis for free-spirited, empowered women who dare to make the world a better place. Lions & Willows is more than just a bikini brand; it represents a lifestyle. With a strong emphasis on style and sustainability, Lions & Willows finds inspiration in the beauty of nature to craft swimsuits that are both vibrant and intricately designed.

Lions & Willows is dedicated to eco-conscious practices. We prioritize the use of sustainable materials and actively reduce waste. Furthermore, our swimwear is crafted in Colombia, ensuring exceptional quality while creating employment opportunities for skilled artisans, with women leading every step of the process, from design to manufacturing to creation.

Lions & Willows empowers individuals to feel confident and embrace their beauty with a range of designs suitable for various body types. Choose Lions & Willows for a fashionable and eco-friendly swimwear experience that embodies not only a commitment to sustainability but also a stylish lifestyle.

A Note From our Founder & Designer

Thank you for supporting Lions and Willows. My name is Jade Abramson and creating L&W has been a dream of mine for years. At Lions and Willows, we're all about creating a brand that not only advocates for women but also cares deeply about our environment. Join us in building a community of strong women who empower one another while making a positive impact on the world. As our brand grows, we hope to be fortunate enough to give back to our community by donating and volunteering at local organizations. I have always been very involved with women and children domestic abuse shelters in both NYC & Miami and hope that as a community, we all can get involved. Thank you for your support!